Summer Alaskan Peonies Party

We are now accepting pre-orders!
The first bunch is expected to arrive the 1st or 2nd week of July.
The Peony season is running a late this year due to the extended Alaskan winter.

PoeNIES Varieties/Colors

What's Available

Boule de Neige

Creamy White/Red Flecks

‘Boule de Neige’ is one of the sturdiest white peonies that we’ve come across. This variety is particularly good as a cut flower because it is easy to harvest, stores supremely well in a cooler, and the blooms open reliably when removed from cold storage. It is also tolerant of heat at outdoor events and has an incredible vase life.

  • Creamy White/Red Flecks
  • ‘Boule de Neige’ is French for ‘Snowball’, how appropriate!
  • Tight, large buds that bloom quickly and average 5-10 inches in diameter when open with strong fragrance.
  • Cupped outer petals surrounding a fluffy center of mixed narrow petals and yellow stamens with crimson flecks on the inner petals.
  • Hardy and reliable full double variety. Available early July through the end of August.

Sarah Bernhardt


‘Sarah Bernhardt’ – Pink
Named after a famous actress, this peony likely needs no introduction at all, as she is widely grown and beloved the world over. An idolized peony since 1906 (Lemoine), ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ is one of the most dependable cut flowers on the market, reliable in the field with an exceptional vase life.

  • Pink in color
  • ‘An heirloom variety introduced in 1906, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ has been loved by many due to its ease of growth and highly desirable qualities earning it the Royal Horticulture Society’s Award of Garden Merit.
  • One of the largest pink peony flowers available. Fully open blooms range from 5-9 inches in diameter.
  • As with many full double pink and white varieties, ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ has a full, sweet, highly desirable fragrance.
  • This peony even performs well when dried and will retain the pink color that it is famous for.


Pale Blush/Buttermilk Yellow

‘Avalanche’ was introduced in 1886, this stunning heirloom variety has blush buds that fade to white upon opening and occasionally display a thin crimson edge on the inner petals.

‘Avalanche’ adds a wonderful lushness to any arrangement and is highly sought after for celebrations.

  • Pale Blush/Buttermilk Yellow
  • “Avalanche” is prized for the large bloom size, perfectly formed shape and large petals.
  • Large buds that bloom slowly and average 6-9 inches in diameter when open. 
  • The colors in this variety are like a soft watercolor painting that changes as the bloom ages, with pale blush and buttermilk yellow all fading to white.
  • It will take three to four years for a plant to mature.
  • A heavenly scented full double.

Felix Supreme


The supreme gentleman of the field, ‘Felix Supreme’ has a thicket of soft, feathery petals that put on a show for days as the flower fully opens. Developed by Nick Kriek in 1955 this variety has been highly sought after for over 60 years due to its intense color, vigorous growth habits and densely packed petals.

  • Raspberry-Red, Watermelon-Red
  • Though many have tried to describe the color of this variety, it seems to be characterized mostly as a raspberry-red or watermelon-red color.
  • The color holds true color from harvest to spent vase life, which is an outstanding quality. 
  • When dried the color darkens to a deep burgundy.
  • Tight, medium buds that bloom slowly and average 5-7 inches in diameter when open with a light, pleasing fragrance.

Meet The Farmers

Alaskan Peonies Cooperative

Thank you for supporting Posies Flower Truck and Alaskan family farms!

If there is a question as to the quality of the stems you receive, please contact us immediately and be prepared to email us photographs and details of the problem. We will work with you towards a remedy or replacement.

The bottom line is that we want you to have the best Peony blooms available. Please understand that we will need specific details in order to correct any problem; specifically, we MUST have photographs and MUST be notified of the problem within 24-hours of the time that you receive your Peonies. This will help us work towards a solution and also help us to understand what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.