Sweet Blossom

We don’t have issues, no not at all!

Say hello to “Blossom” a 1964 Split Window VW Single Cab truck that was purchased in August of 2023 from a car import/exporter Jose out of Miami.

This cutie pie spent it’s life running the streets of Paraguay. Jose found her hiding in a garage looking a little disheveled and in need of a lot of TLC. Being the car guy he is he wasn’t swayed by the task at hand. He hired a retired 78 year old German engineer living in Paraguay to fully restore this sweet truck. After 2 years of hard work she made her journey via shipping container state side to the port of Miami, fully restored and painted a pretty turquoise color. A friend had spotted the truck for sale on Facebook Marketplace of all places and alerted us, can you say enabler? We immediately messaged Jose and a couple hours later the truck was secured for Posies.

Stephanie took a day trip to Miami to sign paperwork and the very next day Blossom was headed to Tampa via car trailer.

When you find a truck in this condition, priced fair, restored with maybe 10-20% left to do, that’s our sweet spot, plus the color was so stinking cute, we couldn’t let this one get away! Do you see what’s happening here?

Fun note, after signing the paperwork in Miami, Stephanie climbed into her car to head back to Tampa and the song on the radio was Sugar Magnolia. The very first line heard was “Sweet blossom come on under the willow.” So there it was, her her new name, Blossom!