To Good to Pass Up!

Sometimes in life when an opportunity presents itself, one must jump on it!

This is absolutely the case with the third truck purchase in May of 2022. We had heard through the grapevine from our VW “Local Volks” group that another single cab truck may be up for grabs. Boy did we pounce!

Say hello to Sweet Pea (Previously P3), a 1965 Split Window Single Cab Type 2 truck by VW. Just like Posies this truck went through a major restoration, as you can see from the photo gallery below. This sweet truck spent time in Bradenton before making its way to New Port Richey, so it’s been a local v-dub for some time.

Sweet Pea came to us as a little hot rod, painted in Porsche Mexican Blue, slammed with fancy wheels and a custom bench seat. While she was super cool, we knew we had to “Posiefi” her to match our iconic brand. We raised her back to stock height, added the classic VW wheels, installed beautiful safari windows, a bench seat with custom upholstery, new paint in our Posies blue, our Posies branding, bucket buildout, creative work-space, new Tarpaulin and SO much more! Finally after 18 months she was ready to hit the streets making people happy!

Originally, we had plans of adding her to our Tampa Bay fleet, but as in typical Posies fashion, an opportunity presented itself. After months of hard work, labor, training and then some, Miss Sweet Pea was on her way to Lynn Klann of Winter Park, Florida! We celebrated with a grand opening celebration on Saturday, November 11th, 2023 at the Rifle Paper Co., and kicked off the big day with a ribbon cutting by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce. What a special moment!

To say our flower family is blooming with happiness is an understatement! If you wish to visit Sweet Pea in or around the Orlando or Winter Park, Florida or Find Sweet Pea, or Contact Us, we love nothing more than to create something special together.