Your fresh flowers may look a little thirsty when you arrive home, this is normal. Please follow these simple steps to care for your flower bouquet:

Prepare a clean vase or container with about 4 inches of fresh, cool water. If available mix in a little flower food to prevent bacteria and give added nutrients.

Remove your bouquet from the paper wrap. Remove any foliage from the flowers that will fall below the waterline of your container. This prevents the growth of mold or bacteria which can cause premature wilting.

Using sharp scissors or a knife, cut your stems diagonally, approximately one inch from the bottom of the stem. The angled cut allows for a larger surface area for water absorption.

Place your bouquet in water immediately after trimming the stems.

Keep your fresh flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts and excessive heat.

We recommend changing your water every 48-72 hours to help keep your flowers fresh. You can also give them a fresh trim when you change the water to keep them fully hydrated.

1. Remember exposing flowers to warm environments (outside, a hot room, sunlight, etc.) will help the flowers bloom, while storing your flowers in a cooler environment will slow down the opening process. Most flowers should be kept in a cool, dark location unless you are trying to speed up the blooming process. Always avoid direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Also, keep flowers away from fruits, vegetables and/or plants which produce ethylene gas. Ethylene in the surrounding area could cause your flowers to wilt.

Peonies are shipped dry so please open your order immediately and follow these steps to hydrate your peonies and allow them time to bloom. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your peonies please contact us as soon as possible.

  1. Prepare a clean container with room temperature water.
  2. Cut stems with sharp scissors at an angle at least one inch from the bottom and remove all leaves below the waterline.
  3. Allow 24-36 hours for the buds to open in a room temperature location, or delay the blooming by keeping them refrigerated
  4. Change the water every one to two days to extend the life of your flowers.
  5. Enjoy your premium peonies!
We love our Village! We want to give a huge thank you to @lululemon @hydeparkvillage for helping us out last Friday when an unexpected rain shower popped up and just soaked us to the bone. Our girl @bizzyhart had an appointment and she was sopping wet! The LuLu Team who is directly across from us came to the rescue with the cutest outfit like only they can do! We can’t thank you enough for coming to our rescue. The generosity of our Village family is always present, from @capitalonecafe Tampa, @oddfellowsicecream, @westelmtampa, @sorrentosweets, @bartacolife the list goes on and on! Thank you for always showing us the love! 💕 

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“You were only waiting for this moment to arise!” 

We’re crying over here, as we take a glimpse of our past few days, what a special gift this Posies life brings. We know we say it a lot, but thank you can’t be said enough! Flower Power is a real thing people!! 

it’s through our partnerships & relationships that allow us to continue this special journey. Bringing the happy in the way of beautiful flowers & the simplicity of a vintage vw to the people of Tampa Bay is what we love.

Thank you 😊 for showing us the 💕! 

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We love spreading the happy across our community! 🌻💕📚 

Thank you @suncoastcreditunion for the fun collab, the students of @hccfl loved it! 

(Give us a follow on TikTok!)

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A year of roses with our flower buyer @madzf05 - happy Posies anniversary 🌹 

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🌸 Let’s welcome our newest addition to the Posies family Julie, @flowerswithjules aka #rollinwithjules on TikTok! 

Julie came to us as does most things in the Posies world, the universe. She was in town visiting & drove past Miss Posies on 275 while we were headed to the St Pete Pier for an event. Having been a nurse turned florist turned rockstar RVing mama, little did she know 15 minutes later after filming a quick TikTok about this cute little flower truck she just saw, we would cross paths again as she was also headed to the Pier. 

That moment we bonded and the rest is history! She has become a part of the Posies family and we know you will love her just as much as we do!

Yes, she really has taken over our TikTok page! We have all sorts of fun things in the works, from behind the scenes peak into the Posies life, tutorials, tips & more! Be sure to give us a follow on that side of social as well! 

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Can we just shut the heat off already? Please, pretty please?!!

We know how uncomfortable the hot summer months have been & we can’t thank you enough for continuing to support our little biz of happy. We should be turning the corner on our fall season soon right??!! Please, pretty please?!! 🎃🍁🍎 

FYI, we adjust our hours @hydeparkvillage starting September 1 to Noon-3pm. We may extend our hours once the cooler weather finds its way to us, please, pretty please?!!

Soon we will have some exciting news to share, from fun announcements in September and October to our show airing on PBS in November, oh my! More details coming soon we promise. 

Thank you again for being amazing #tampabay, we love you! 💕 

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Posies Pups 🐶 🐾 💕 how we love you! Happy #nationaldogday though everyday is #dogday to us!

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What’s your color? 

Thank you @accessdmc for your kindness gifting the amazing staff of the gorgeous @vinoyresort with so many beautiful flowers! We loved sharing the love 💕- what a special morning. 

#accessdmc #thevinoy #vinoyrenaissance #stpetersburgflorida #downtownstpete #flowersofinstagram #makingpeoplehappy #makingpeoplehappy
⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ 

Lil Pepper 🌶️ is modeling our new Posies pupware bandana, now available to ship nationally from our website! We have a bunch of new merch to ship across the land, be sure to check it out!

We will also carry the pupware on the truck beginning next week.

See website link in our profile! 

#posiespups #dogsofinstagram #daushundsofinstagram #tampabay #floridalife #cutenessoverload #cutedogs #flowers
Just a little vw shuffle shuffle! The hubby gets right to work when we have to reorganize the ladies based on who’s going where next! He never second guesses the madness, just looks at his marching orders & off he goes! 😂 

Blossom requires some assistance as you can see. She sure is sweet, we don’t mind a bit!

It’s been a LOT of love with a LOT of work but we’re turning the corner on our master plan!! The only one missing, Miss Rosie as she’s in for her makeover, we almost had them all together.  Powered by flower power! 

#blooming #workinghard #vwlife #posiesflowertruck #thefleet #flowerpower
Handmade ice cream + Posies flowers = Delicous Perfection

@churned_icecream  @marcottesdesign @coastalmarket607 #largoflorida
LOVING 813! 

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We love getting on the road again with collabs! Welcome @archwellhealth to Florida! 💕🍍 🌸 We loved celebrating your grand opening with you!

#archwellhealth #posiesflowertruck #veniceflorida #grandopening #ontheroadagain #willienelson

Just like our previous family members, this sweet truck came to us unexpectedly & so serendipitously that it was meant to be. She has quite the history, German made & sent to Paraguay where she had spent her life, to full restoration to coming to Miami via shipping container to Posies, where we will care for her every need & desire. We are kinda digging her turquoise color?! We have named her Blossom & we have some big dreams for her. What do you think, isn’t she the cutest??? 

#posiesflowertruck #vw #vwlife #itsanobsession #moretrucks #vintagestyle #tampabay #outofcontrol
Thank you @starkeymarket & everyone who ventured out into the heat this morning! We love you all. 

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Thank you to everyone who joined us this past Saturday @ashleyofficial, Tampa location! We had the best time sharing stories, tips, flower knowledge & just having a great time. We loved every second of it. We even shared space with one of our favorite Hyde Park neighbors, @thecandlepour, which made us feel right at home.

To Ashley, thank you for including us, what a wonderful way to spread some love & appreciation. 

#ashleyfurnituretampa #posiesflowertruck #flowerfun #inthecommunity #tampalife
Oh snap dragon, this whole thing is getting real! 

The 11th season of @startupusa is coming this fall on @pbs & rumor has it our show may air in November. 

This whole adventure was incredible & so much fun! The producers, director, film crew & show host @therealgarybredow made us feel so comfortable and we loved sharing the Posies story with them. Here is a sneak peak of Season 11. 

We spy: Posies & Daisy, our fearless leader laughing at something & the @dunedin_causeway! 

@jennyfeter #startupusa #pbs #tampabay #ourhometown #oldsmar #tampa #dunedin #moviestar #vwlife #flowerpower #therealgarybredow
We are excited to announce we’ve been able to add 1 more delivery of the Alaska Peonies with our friends at the @alaskapeonycooperative! 

We scored big time by adding these HUGE deep pink in color “Jacorma” Peonies! These late season bloomers are packed with petals, do not fade with age, are huge in size & have a light, enticing fragrance. We also have more gorgeous pink Sarah Bernhardt & Boule de Neige aka Snowball Peonies arriving. 

We have limited supply, this is our last delivery for the year! You must preorder for pickup at the truck next week only, Wednesday & Friday, @hydeparkvillage (11am-2pm) or Saturday, August 5 @starkeymarket, 9am to Noon. 

Visit our website to preorder now. (See our profile) You will be prompted at check out to select your preferred pickup day/location. 💕🌸 😘 

#alaskanpeonies #peonies #jacormapeony #sarahbernhardt #bouledeneige #peony #summervibes #posiesflowertruck
As the temperatures rise, July’s blooms just grow stronger & more beautiful. 💕 

Thank you to everyone who ventured out into our blistering summer ☀️ heat to visit us, we love you! We know Fall vibes are just around the corner. 🍁🎃🍎

#july #summervibes #floridalife #floridaliving  #hydeparkvillage #tampabay #tampaflorida #florida #flowersmakemehappy