Home Sweet Home

With this special little business of happy, timing is proving to be everything!

Meet #4, The Little Red Truck that Got Away! She’s a 1960 VW Split Window Single Cab truck and there’s a LOT to this story, we suggest you visit our Bits & Pieces section to read the entire PART 1 & PART 2 of how this sweet truck joined the Posies Flower Truck family! It’s a doozie!

The road this sweet truck took to find it’s way BACK to Tampa is nothing short of epic! There’s a 1960 VW little red truck Stephanie named Rosie back in 2018 after attempting to purchase it from Local Volks friend Dallas Wilfong of Belleair, Florida. However, it was not in the cards at the time and he sold it to Nathan and Kassy Ebling of South Carolina who painted it blue and white for their business Lily’s Flower Truck. Note, the couple reached out to us after seeing a post on Instagram to help us close some gaps. Shortly thereafter they moved to Norton Shores, Michigan with the flower truck in tow. They eventually sold it to Kate Dart of Saint Simons Island, Georgia where the Merci Bouquet Flower Truck business was born. And yes, Kate then reached out to us and well my little red truck found its way back some 4 years later! You just can’t make this stuff up! Who else thinks Rosie is her forever name?

The goal is to have Rosie on the streets of Tampa Bay and available for private events by Valentine’s 2024! One thing is certain, it sure knows how to be a flower truck, no training needed!