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When you hit submit, more than likely we are out on the town serving up beautiful blooms. We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible, please be patient as we will respond to each and everyone of you. Thanks a bunch for loving our little trucks of happiness!

Flowers are always a good idea

Welcome to Posies Flower Truck! Whether you’re local to Tampa Bay or visiting, we thank you for finding our little trucks of happiness. Posies began her roaming petal adventure on November 7, 2017 and quickly became an iconic part of Tampa Bay. We love nothing more than bringing beautiful seasonal blooms to the streets and neighborhoods of our hometown. We especially loves being a part of your special events, from showers, weddings, grand openings, birthdays, photo shoots, pop-ups and more, Posies is a perfect addition to any occasion!

Our trucks can be adorned with seasoal blooms, in assorted or themed colors for your guests to pick from our French galvanized buckets. A “Flowerista” will wrap the picked pretties in simple kraft paper into a beautiful bouquet tied with twine and adorned our very own Posies label or a label we have designed for your event. The ideas are endless!

Our mission is to provide guests a beautiful and interactive experience while arousing the senses with fresh beautiful aromas. Your guests will leave with a gift unlike any other, a gift of pure happiness in the form of a Posies Flower Truck bouquet!

Remember when Dad said, “Eat your veggies”? Well, we’ve decided to take his sage advice and turn it into something fabulous just in time for Father’s Day! 🥬 🌷

Introducing VEGGIE ROSES! 🥦🌹 Because nothing says “I love you, Dad” like cleverly disguised vegetables. On the truck in Tampa and @posiesflowertruck_sarasota this weekend. Who knew Dad’s advice could blossom into something this beautiful. Celebrate Father’s Day with a unique twist and show Dad you’ve got your veggie game on point! Because, flowers are always a good idea.

#FlowerTruckFun #VeggieRoses #FathersDay #DadJokes #DailyDoseOfVeggies #FreshBlooms
That’s a wrap to an epic week! WOW! 

From the #floriexpo, to the new friends we made, spending time with family, bonding with our amazing Posies team & ending by gifting flowers to the community of Ft Lauderdale, thank you!!! What a gift. 

To those who made this happen, @thatflowerfeeling for inviting us, @jetfreshflowers for your flower generosity, to all the exhibitors who dropped off more flowers to be added to our giving day, thank you!!! You’ll be happy to know every single stem made its way into a gorgeous bouquet for someone to take home & enjoy. 

Now to make our way back to Tampa! Thank you for once again inviting us to take a little road trip to share some Posies love! 💕 

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Posies was made for this! We just spent an amazing day attending our first ever Floriexpo, both as an exhibitor & attendee. Thank you to our friends with @thatflowerfeeling for the invitation, we’re so happy for the fun collaboration. Posies was such a hit, doing what she does best, making people smile! 

We have one more show day and then we’re off to @yolorestaurant Saturday from 10am to 1pm gifting all the flowers from the show so they go to the community of Ft Lauderdale. We hope you come see us and grab a bouquet while supplies last! 

Thank you to everyone who welcomed us with such enthusiasm! We felt the love from the moment we arrived.

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Your girl made it! Almost time to share the #tampa love with our South Florida friends! First, get her tucked inside the convention center, then it’s game on to get her all staged and looking Posies pretty! What an amazing adventure this little truck of happy is on.

#ftlauderdale #floriexpo2024 #floriexpo #livingherbestlife #vw #conventiontime #flowers #flowertruck #posiesflowertruck #adventure #adventuretime #tampabay #thatflowerfeeling
Your #tampaflorida girl is on the move going on a little adventure! 🛻💕🌸 

First she gets to do a little show & tell inside the largest flower expo in the country, yes, shes driving inside the convention center, she’s such a show off! Then she’s popping up @yolorestaurant Saturday, June 8 from 10am to 1pm to give our South Florida friends and family a little Tampa Posies love with free flower bouquets!  Courtesy of our new friends with @thatflowerfeeling!

As some of you may know Stephanie’s big sister passed away unexpectedly at the end of March. This trip has been in the works for months & her sister couldn’t wait to bring Posies to South Florida, her hometown. While this visit is epic for us, we also feel a weight of sadness. We’re doing our best to take comfort knowing she’s with us this entire trip, being our biggest fan and cheerleader. We promise to make you proud. 🥲 #missyou #heartbroken

Posies has a way of making things a little better. Be safe lil truck of happy. 

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Posies is doing a little weekend vacay & collab in Ft Lauderdale, Saturday, June 8th beginning at 10am @yolorestaurant - our first time ever in South Florida! Oh and did we mention, we’re gifting FREE bouquets with @thatflowerfeeling the entire morning! 

Please share, tag your Laudie besties, come say hi and take some pics with our sweet truck of happy! 😊 

(One build your own bouquet per person, while supplies last, end time 1pm or when we have not one stem left!)

#yolorestaurant #ftlauderdale #thatflowerfeeling #lasolas #posiesflowertruck  #yolo  #flowers #bouquets #javaandjam #southflorida #floridalife #florida
#FlowerTruckFriday to kick off the weekend ✨ with positive energy and fresh flowers.
#flowerlovers #flowerstagram #instamood #flowervibes #reelsi̇nstagram
Meet Eremurus (pronounced air-eh-MYOOR), commonly known as Foxtail Lily. They come in a variety of colors and are known to love the sun. Native to Afghanistan and Iran, they can grow up to 9ft tall. They’re coming into season June-July from Holland and if they survive the heat this week they just might become a summer staple. 💕🌸 🦊 

#tampabay is testing them first!
@hydeparkvillage Wednesday & Friday, Noon to 3pm

#sarasota, @posiesflowertruck_sarasota 
Friday @utcsarasota, Noon-3pm
Saturday @anna_maria_island_beaches at East Bay Drive Shopping Center, 8am-Noon
Sunday @wellenparkfl Fresh Harvest Farmers Market, 9am-1pm

#winterparkfl @posiesflowertruck_winterpark 
Friday, @foxtailcoffeemaitlandsocial 9am-Noon
Saturday, @ajchocolatehouseusa 9am-Noon

On the trucks, Roses, Stella, Stock, Gerbers, Spray Roses, Fresh Lavender & More!

#foxtaillilly #eremurus #summervibes #summer #flowers #itshotoutside #stella #tampabay #sarasota_florida #bradenton #wellenparkfl #utc #utcsarasota #annamariaisland #winterparkflorida #foxtailcoffee #ajschocolatehouseusa

Look at this - AIR CONDITIONING, amazing vibe, Posies fit, did we mention air 
conditioning & has been right in front of our face this entire time!??? Why didn’t you tell us sooner? 🤣 @hydeparkvillage 

@hydehousepublicstudio we’re moving in, we trusted your measurements and look we fit, did we mention you had us at air conditioning?!!! Who else thinks this needs to be a permanent thing? 😂 🌸 🛻 

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first ever arrangement class inside Public Studio with Posies comfortably tucked inside, so much fun! 

To Fidel, you were right, she fit! 😊 

#hydeparkvillage #publicstudio #hydehousepublicstudio #hydehouse #tampabay #tampabayflorida #airconditioning #vwlove #flowerpower #posiesflowertruck #weloveourcommunity #floridalife #happyplace #foundourhappyplace
Wherever you go, go with all your heart! 💕 

📚🌎 ⭐️ Congratulations Class of 2024! We loved being a part of your celebration!

#stpetehighschool #classof2024 #classof2024🎓 #onwardsandupwards #summervibes #posiesflowertruck #tampabay #tampaflorida #stpetersburg
Current obsession: Jumbo Floridian Sunnies🌻. Just left the warehouse and headed to @hydeparkvillage only one green eyed in the entire delivery. Let us know if you snag it! 
#floridiansunflowers🌻 #flowertruckfriday #sunnies #sunflowers
Posies has left the building for @hydeparkvillage with some of the prettiest blooms to date. Check out these Bellalinda Glee spray roses! We have been obsessing over them ALL week. EXTENDED HOURS today 11am-4pm while supplies last. Happy early Mother’s Day!
🎶 “Everyone is helpful
Everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky
Everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala” 🎶 

I think this entire journey we’re on is definitely the road to Shambala. The lyrics to this song include the words road, kind, lucky, sorrow, sister with flowers in her eyes, light, shine - it’s all here packed into one sweet song. 7 days of following the road complete, on to the next 7! 

If you read this far, who did you spot in this little reel? There’s quite a few people you should recognize! 

#formysister #posiesflowertruck #shambala #threedognight #flowers #homesweethome #mothersday #flowerpower #tampabay #tampaflorida 

Diane Tabar Wolf, you would’ve loved this week we just experienced! Seriously you’re with me every single moment of every single day. #sisterlove #imissyou
Kicking off the week of April 29, the Posies Flower Trucks are on the move! From Winter Park (Sweet Pea), Sarasota (Wildflower) to Tampa (Posies the OG), we’re ready to create a pretty bouquet of happiness with you! 💕 

🌸 Wednesday @balharbourshops, 3-6pm
🌸 Every Friday, @utcsarasota, Noon-3pm (on The Green)
🌸 Saturday, @anna_maria_island_fl, 9am-Noon, East Bay Shopping Center parked near Dunkin Donuts & Paradise Bagels!

🌸 Wednesday & Friday, @hydeparkvillage 

🌸 Friday, @thehouseonlang Fashion Show, 6-8pm

Follow the other trucks here: 

#posiesflowertruck #posieswinterpark #posiesflowertrucksarasota #thehouseoflang #utcsarasota #hydeparkvillage #annamariaisland #balharborshops #sarasota #tampabay #winterparkfl #flowers #flowertruckfriday