Sweet Blossom

Just like all our other VW’s, this sweet 1964 VW Single Cab came to us in the most unexpected & serendipitous way. We had just talked about how a 6th VW might be needed to complete our plans for the future. Of course as in true Posies style, the Universe answered & “Blossom” was found.

This truck is German made & was shipped to Paraguay where it lived its life. In 2020 a German Engineer restored her for a Miami automobile import-exporter, Jose. Our automotive painter spotted her on Facebook Marketplace of all places & sent Stephanie a message. As is typical she immediately messaged Jose who then replied and well 24 hours later she was Posies!

We have grand ideas for all of our girls & can’t wait to share. Everything that is really special takes time, which is something we have been learning here at Posies!