Posies Adds Yet Another Truck

One could say Posies is blooming yet again with the addition of one more truck! While this truck remains nameless, we have been tossing around fun names such as Crazy as it just goes with Posies, Daisy and well yes, we are a bit Crazy! Other names have been Paisley, Rosie, Sunny and just plain old P3! 

Why add another truck you ask? Well, we should start at the very beginning of how this one came to be and what the future holds for this little cutie.

There is a very large VW community in the state of Florida called Local Volks. This long standing group often shares their air cooled VW’s for sale before selling to the public. A rumor had circulated amongst the group that a sweet 1964 Split Window Single Cab truck may be available and Stephanie immediately pounced. “It met my criteria, basically turn key, fully restored and was a sweet split window which is screaming for a set of safari windows! I love the split windows in the VW’s and having a truck version just gives that little something extra to the fleet so everything isn’t all matchy-matchy but still has a cohesive vibe, says Stephanie.”

This truck sat in Bradenton as a a restoration project for a long time and eventually passed hands from one Local Volks member to another before landing in New Port Richey where it went through a full restoration. When you see the before and after pictures it really shows how much hard work and time had gone into bringing this little truck back to life. It’s only fitting that it now resides with another Local Volks member and is a part of the Posies family.

Once again, we are working on the role this truck will play, for now we have much to do, paint (its a tad to blue don’t you think?), creative space build out, branding, bucket buildout, Tarpaulin and of course safari windows! The goal is to have the truck selling flowers by the first of 2023, no telling where this sweet truck will make its first debut, however, you will be the first to know!