Driving Miss Daisy!

Welcome to the Family!

Sometimes in life things just happen, which seems to be an ongoing theme for everything Posies! What started as a quick phone call to interview the man who restored and sold Posies in 2017 to the Newton’s ended with the purchase of another truck! “We had it in the back of our minds to find another truck at some point, as a back up or as a method to continue to grow the Posies brand. We truly were not expecting it to happen this quick” says Stephanie Frank, owner of the Posies business. “But when you come across an opportunity like this you seize it!” says Frank.

The ironic part to all of this, the truck was a previous flower truck with JJ’s Flowers out of Atlanta, Georgia. JJ’s quickly advanced to a brick and mortar and sold the truck to Chad Griffith out of NC. It is the same year as Posies, a 1968, however, its a double cab, so it has a back seat and the bed is just a bit shorter than her counterpart. Everything else is the exact same!

She is also in a classic white color which excited Stephanie from the very moment he sent her photos. “I immediately saw the opportunity to reverse the branding to create a great companion to Posies. This way we now have another option for those who would prefer Daisy over Posies. (What a funny thing to actually say!) Both will fall under the Posies Flower Truck name, we are just personalizing them so it’s easy to know who is who. “Posies will always be THE POSIES that is for sure. Daisy will come into her own over time!”

The goal is to have the new tuck rolling on the streets of Tampa Bay by Valentine’s Day. She will be in the shop for a quick once over, then off to get her branding added, a new canopy top and her bed converted for flowers and merchandise! “It’s aggressive to want to do so much in such little time, so we will see! I’m always optimistic and hopeful, though realistic” says Frank. “I do know once people see her she will quickly become a fan favorite just like her sisters from another mister!”