Flowers = Happiness

“How did you get here?” is the common question asked of the owner of the Posies Flower Truck business, Stephanie Frank.

If you ask her she will immediately say “It’s all Sky’s fault!” Who is Sky you ask? Well Sky is Stephanie’s 1965 VW Split Window bus that was purchased in December of 2017. “Owning a split window bus was a dream of mine, one that I just wouldn’t let go. I have always loved classic air cooled VW’s and I was on a mission to find one, some how, some way!” On Christmas Day 2017 an alert chimmed in on her cell phone alerting her of a post from one of the many VW groups she belonged to. There it was, the bus she had been dreaming of right down to the color and year, for sale and in all places Key West! 2 days later, the bus was in her driveway and was named “Sky” as she litteraly dropped from the sky and into her lap (or garage) you could say. 

From the moment Sky entered the scene she was instantly loved by all and was hired over and over again for different events. From photo shoots, to hippie themed parties to weddings, Sky became a celebrity! “I was blown away with how much work she got! It was so much fun and she was so special from day one” says Stephanie, who has spent her entire working career in the tech world. “Sky just fell right into our wheelhouse of creative marketing with my web development company Thunder Media Group, Inc. We saw her as a tool to help bring attention to Thunder and to bring some fun into the mix.” Boy did she deliver the fun. Thunder has been privelaged to work some great and well known companies in the Tampa Bay area over the last 20 years and having another avenue to bring creativity to their client base naturally happened with Sky! 

The Black Honkey’s Band promo shoot (a long time Thunder customer) & a model shoot with Sky in 2018

One day while taking Sky into the VW Whisperer, David Perry of Vintage Works, Safety Harbor (aka mechanic), he casually mentioned Posies might be for sale! He knew how much Stephanie loved using Sky for creative marketing and how she would cry in happiness when Posies just happened to be in the shop at the same time as Sky! (Yes, Posies & Sky shared the same VW Whisperer) The moment he mentioned it Stephanie was on it! Now here they are, the proud owners of the 2nd coolest VW in town, the Posies Flower Truck! “It was the most natural thing ever as if I had done it my whole life and all roads (ha ha) led me to this point in time in my life. I’m getting to use every skill I have ever learned and implemented for 100’s of customers over my career in web and marketing, it’s a dream come true and it’s just flat out fun!” says Stephanie. 

“We are a dynamic trio, Sky Posies & I” says Stephanie “and I feel like the luckiest girl in town just making people happy while getting to use all my creativity day in and day out! It still feels like a dream!”

They have many new things planned for the future with dreams of a second truck and who know’s, maybe a brick and mortar. For now they are just enjoying the ride around Tampa Bay in the coolest VW’s around!