To Good to Pass Up!

Sometimes in life when opportunities presents themself one must jump on it!

This is absolutely the case with the third truck purchase. We had heard through the grapevine from our VW group “Local Volks” that another Type 2 truck may be up for grabs. Boy did we pounce!

Say hello to P3 (not named yet), a 1965 Split Window Single Cab Type 2 truck from VW. This truck just like Posies went through a major restoration, as you can see. Funny enough this truck spent time in Bradenton before making its way to New Port Richey, so its been a local dub for some time. We have plans for this special truck, the addition of Safari Windows, bumpers painted white, branding, the bed build out to become a flower truck, rails and the tarpaulin and well, a new paint job! The restoration owner had painted it Porsche blue, we tend to love the traditional stock VW colors, so Dove Blue (Posies color) will be in its future.

Our goal is to have P3 named and ready to hit the streets by the last quarter of 2023! Our family is BLOOMING with happy!