Who’s Behind the Buckets?

I’m Stephanie—a girl with a little extra time on my hands looking to spread some love and cheer around the Tampa Bay area. Why Posies? This town needed a vintage flower shop on wheels—and with help from my friends, I was determined to make it happen. Plans to launch the business started germinating and once this cute blue truck caught my attention, there was no going back.  We retrofitted the bed, bought a canopy and filled the buckets with unique blooms that you can't find at the grocery. Everyone loves fresh flowers and it's even better when a bouquet  is styled by you to fit your personal taste and budget. Look for Posies at local events and pop-up venues or hit us up for a personal delivery or photoshoot.


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We can stock the truck with your favorite flowers, have Posies onsite for a unique photo backdrop, and send your guests home with a lovely creation they'll never forget. Contact us for information and pricing.


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